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Posted in Tech Tips on 02 Jun, 2023

What To Be Aware of When Choosing A Computer

When buying a computer or laptop, you need to look at a few key factors that are really good to know up front.

After all, if you are buying a computer it is usually for a purpose and so you also need to choose accordingly.

Your Budget

The first thing is of course to find out how much we want to pay for such a device so that we don't have any money left over.

But it also depends on how powerful you want a computer, if you want a computer for gaming so it will certainly be in larger amounts than if you will acquire a computer only for work or for writing various documents or excel.

Laptop or Desktop PC

Next, you need to figure out what you might be more suited for. You can get better quality for less money with a computer, but again, you won't want to take it anywhere much. Whereas with a laptop, the components are usually made for that exact piece and so they are priced a bit higher.

So if you travel a lot it's definitely better to get a laptop, as you can work with it pretty much anywhere. Internet access can be found almost everywhere now, so it's definitely good for traveling.

But with gaming laptops it's also a bit more complicated and that's because gaming laptops are really expensive if you want one that's worth it.A lot of them are just called gaming and yet they really have very little in common with a gaming laptop

Laptops do overheat very often and unless you invest more money your laptop won't have as good ventilation and therefore it will overheat and after a few years it may well break down.


Lastly, it is clear that we want to look at the components that the device has in it. That being said, if you want a more powerful gaming PC that can run almost all games, it's really better to pay extra for better components.

But if we want a computer or laptop mainly for work and if so for some movie watching. It doesn't have to be that expensive to meet the requirements you need.

It is best to consult someone who understands computers but also beware as many of these IT mechanics try to scam their customers and give it to them at a higher price than usual.