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Posted in Cybersecurity on 05 Jun, 2023

Tips And Tricks To Perfectly Control Privacy on Your iPhone

Privacy on phones is one of the most important things, so let's talk a little bit about it. Specifically, iPhones where you can set up privacy really well and so you can pretty much always say that no one can get in.

However, there are a lot of hackers out there who can get through a number of different protections and get right to your data, so it's also a good idea to only store data that you really need and store your private stuff somewhere else.

Everyone wants privacy on their phone, but if you use location services you usually have almost none, so the first thing is to use location services only when you really need it.

Enable two-factor authentication

The biggest key is to turn on double authentication which forces you to enter the code that comes to your phone number whenever you log in from a new device.

  • Head to Settings
  • Tap [Your name]
  • Tap Password & Security, and then tap Turn on two-factor authentication.

You should also enable this feature on other important online accounts if you haven’t already done so.

Set a passcode

It is best to use only the password and not to use any touch-id or face-id as many third parties can use your fingerprint to access various data, so it is recommended to use only the password if you don't want anyone to get into your phone

Use Sign in with Apple

When you create an account online, it’s easy for a company to link your data with an email address. With Sign in with Apple, you can tuck your account away behind a fake, randomly generated email address that forwards to your real email address.

So whenever you have the opportunity to create an account with an Apple ID, do so as it's the best way for companies to track you or your data.

Enable automatic updates

Apple brings new updates every day, so it's best to have automatic software updates enabled. Because these updates also contain security enhancements and this can be really dangerous in a few cases.

This is because if Apple releases an update and finds out that there is some vulnerability through which many hackers can get access to different types of data. They will immediately release a new update to find out as soon as possible so that as little data as possible is lost.

So software updates can really help in many cases. You never know when a hacker is going to try to attack you, and in this case they could really take advantage of this bug.