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Posted in Tech Tips on 08 Jun, 2023

Things Your AirPods Can Do That You Didn't Know About

We're talking about all versions so mainly version 2. These Airpods already have several features that the normal user may not even know.

A lot of people wonder why these headphones are so expensive, but because of the features they have and how well they work and play you have to admit they are really good quality.The price is really huge but if you are into them you definitely know that they are one of the best and that's even if you have an Apple device where they are the most compatible.

Voice Control “Hey Siri”

You can use Siri with the AirPods, and if you have AirPods 2, you can just say Hey Siri. You'll need to turn on Hey Siri on your iPhone, and then all you need to do is say, "Hey Siri" with at least one AirPod on and you have full access to Siri from your ear.

Turning it on your iPhone is really easy. Just go to Settings, Siri & Search, Listen for Siri and turn it On. Siri will only respond to your voice, so you don't need to worry about someone else talking with Siri by talking near your ear.

Share Audio

If you have a friend who also owns Airpods, you can share the sound you hear with them. This is very good for watching movies or just listening to music while traveling together.

You can use this for many activities and you don't have to borrow just one earphone from a friend for this but you can have the whole enjoyment with a friend who has one too.

The easiest way to make this work is to open your friend's AirPods next to your iPhone and then choose Temporarily Share Audio. This will share the audio to their AirPods, but you are not linking the AirPods to your Apple ID.

You can also choose to tap Share Audio in the Control Center if they already have AirPods in their ears. With Beats headphones it can be used too.

Caller ID

In the settings you can also set that if someone calls you don't have to look at the screen but the headset will tell you the caller ID or their name. This comes in handy in many situations where you don't want to pull out your iPhone so you just cancel or answer the call.

There are also other features, but it depends on what you want to use. If you're interested in all the features, check out Apple's website where all the features are described in detail.