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Posted in Tech Tips on 09 Jun, 2023

Things You Should Buy Alongside a New Windows Laptop

When you buy a laptop, it's definitely clear what you want to get it for, so it's good to think a little bit ahead and get some things that will make its use either much easier or it's just an accessory that you can use very well with the laptop.

Cooling Pad

If you are getting a gaming laptop and even if it is not gaming but you will work on it often and for a long time. It's definitely smart to look into some cooling pads as it's very common for laptops to overheat and unless you have a laptop that is really expensive, the cooling isn't exactly the best either.

A lot of laptops have cooling that really sucks and that's why most laptops often overheat and then burn out their drives or other components. It's definitely better to pay a little extra for it because the cheaper ones are really almost useless.

An External Hard Drive

Here it depends mainly on the model of your laptop as some laptops really have a lot of space in them or even two disks. In this case, however, mainly think about the fact that laptops very often manifest some problems with hard drives and so it is better to put documents and or various programs on an external hard drive so that your laptop can work smoothly.


Most laptops already have a lot of usb ports so there is nothing to worry about, but for users who plug a lot of additional components into the laptop, this is definitely very useful as the laptop usually has slightly less usb ports than a PC.

External Mouse & Keyboard

You definitely have to get at least an external mouse that you can use in any case. The touchpad controls are not bad at all, but using a mouse really makes things a lot easier and you can get your work done a lot faster.

External HD Webcam

Most laptops do have a camera but they are really poor quality in almost all cases. You can also disconnect the external camera so no one can watch you through it.

But with a laptop you have to cover it with something or some even have flaps on the webcams.

That's basically all you need for your laptop. Important is also some stronger bag to make sure that you laptop in it after traveling does not break and also some cleaning supplies which you can wipe the screen or keyboard and touchpad.