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Posted in Gaming Tips on 12 Jun, 2023

Most Useful Tips for New PC Gamers

Have you just bought a computer and started playing games on it for the first time? There are many tips that will make playing a million times more enjoyable.

It all depends on what genre of games you're focusing on, so you can choose exactly what tips to use.

Right Accessories

You definitely want to get the right devices for your computer so you can play well with them and have them work properly.

Of course, it's also about what genres you play, so if you play a lot of FPS games, it's definitely best to get a mouse that is more expensive but has a really reliable sensor so it plays a million times better than cheaper mice.

However, if you're playing some racing games or sports, many users tend to use controllers or steering wheels for that. Since the feeling of driving on a keyboard is not very pleasant but when you use a steering wheel and or controller, it's a different thing altogether.


You also need to make yourself as comfortable as possible as you can spend several hours of your time playing and sitting still.

Comfort in playing is very important because if you do not have comfort you stress that your back hurts or you sit badly and see badly for example. It is always important to make yourself comfortable.


If you have a computer you should also take care of it. A lot of computers get dusty really quickly and therefore need to be cleaned often.

But it is not that easy as you can damage various components in your computer and so you need to be very careful and find the best way to clean your computer.

Try New Things

Many of the players are stuck on one game and try to be the best at it but many people recommend alternating games. Because if you've been playing one game for a really long time it can get on your nerves and annoy you more.

Whereas if you play an FPS game for a few hours and then switch to something calm, you'll definitely feel a lot better than if you keep getting pissed off at the same game.

Follow these tips to make sure you enjoy the game and don't get upset over unnecessary things. Playing is all about having fun, not just learning how to be the best. You have to enjoy it too and that is one of the most important functions of gaming.