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Posted in Tech Tips on 23 Jun, 2023

How To Create A New Child Account on iOs 16

Apple has finally brought us big updates to Parental Settings in a new update. You can set up an account for your child and if they use your phone just log in and be in control of everything that happens on your phone.

The update also brings an interface in which if your child asks for another 15 minutes of use of an app, it will come as a message or imessage, so you can allow or disallow any overlap for your child. You can set up the whole family there and so you can see a lot of useful information and requests from others.

You'll also be able to set what your child can access and how long they can spend on which app via their iPhone. So you'll essentially have complete control over what your child does on their phone.

Another feature it has is location sharing, so you can keep track of where your child is and if they happen to be in danger. The functions can be set in different ways and don't have to be on all the time, so you can turn the location off for short trips as someone can track your child through it.

But a lot of parents don't understand a lot of the features or don't know them at all, so Apple has decided to come up with a lot of informational tips that talk about everything, so when you use parental controls, you'll know what you can actually set up and what features it has.

  • 1.Go to Settings
  • 2.Tap your name
  • 3.Tap Family Sharing and then Add Member
  • 4.Tap Create an Account for a Child, then Continue
  • 5.Follow the instructions to finish setting up the account. You can use the child's email address for their Apple ID.

It is important to set up everything necessary so that the child does not get somewhere it should not have gotten to in the first place. There is a lot of advice on the internet about what to set up so that the child doesn't get on dirty sites and the like.

However, with new updates, there should be new things coming out all the time and we should feel a lot safer. Most importantly, we'll have really good control over what our child watches so they don't ruin themselves playing on their phone all day or watching some inappropriate videos.

It is also important to tell your child that you are using something like this at all as they may think otherwise if they find out for themselves. Children are very vulnerable and so you need to be careful that they trust you and so discuss everything with them.