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Posted in Software Updates on 28 Jun, 2023

Apps Which Make Working on Your Mac Much Easier

There are still a lot of mac users in the world, and they seem to be growing. Many of them don't like Windows and that could be for many reasons and that's why they decided to try out Apple's system.

Compared to Windows it is very different though and so you need to learn how to work with it as well. Working with a Mac is easy once you learn it and it's not hard to learn either.

Windows has some features set up completely differently, so we'll show some applications that will improve some features or make it easier for us to work on the computer overall.

Or it could just be apps that are really reliable on the mac and many users recommend them.

Pixelmator Pro

It is one of the best photo editors and has really many features. It's paid but it's really worth it and if you're after more information just check out their app and see what it can do.


Of course there are more music platforms but for us Spotify is one of the best and most used. But you can also choose from Apple music or YouTube music, for example.


Alfred Simplifies Mac searches with keyboard shortcuts and other features. You can set up all the workflows you like. So if you're tired of Mac's default search engine, Alfred is definitely the app for you.


Todoist is one of the best apps for organizing and taking notes. You really have a lot of features here and organizing with this is really easy and straightforward.

A lot of users recommend this as they can see what they have to do every day and if they have anything to do.


For any account you save to this app, it will generate a random password that you can always copy and enter, so you only need to remember basically one password.

It's really reliable and if you have trouble remembering passwords this app is for you.


If you’ve ever experienced a crash, or theft of your Mac, you’ll spend hours replacing the files you lost, and lose thousands of files that are you cannot replace.

BackBlaze is an inexpensive cloud which through you can back up your entire Mac for just $5 a month.

Of course there are a few other apps that can be used, but there are so many that you have to find the ones that suit your needs. Everybody needs something different or suits something different, so it's best to find your own.